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Garage Door Insulation South Florida

Garage Door Insulation South Florida | AttiClean


Every homeowner wants to save money on utility bills. There are countless ways to make your house eco-friendlier and more cost-effective, but have you considered how much heating and cooling is lost through the garage door? To maximize the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system, you should consider garage door insulation.


If you need to insulate your garage door anywhere in South Florida, AttiClean can help. Our professionals can install different insulation materials to make your garage and entire home as energy-efficient as possible.


Why Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?


Garage door insulation offers several benefits, including:


Energy efficiency


When looking to make their homes energy efficient, most homeowners focus on the interiors. They don’t realize that the construction standards tend to be different for a garage. Since it’s not designed to be a living space, builders are not too concerned about gaps and air leakage. This is why the garage is often among the least energy-efficient parts of your home.


Once you insulate your garage door, it will effectively keep much of the warm air out during the heat of summer, as well as most of the cold during winter. This means that your HVAC system will need to generate less heat or cool air, which translates into more energy savings.


Increased durability


Without proper insulation, you likely only have a single-layer garage door. Insulating the door essentially gives it added durability. This gives it extra strength against impact damage from cars, equipment, etc. Older garage doors are often made from sheets of steel wrapped on panel frames. When these are not insulated properly, they can easily be dented by basketballs, cars, bikes, etc.


Insulated doors, on the other hand, have steel or aluminum frames with solid core insulation within the frame. The insulation is placed between single or dual steel panels. This design ensures that the door becomes lightweight and energy efficient. Plus, it’s durable enough that it’s not easily dented.


Extended protection for your car


Uninsulated garage doors don’t provide enough protection to your car and equipment during freezing conditions. With proper insulation, the garage won’t get as cold as it would otherwise, which could make a difference. This is because car batteries thrive in temperatures between 30 to 90 degrees. It will also protect your car from getting too hot during summer. An insulated garage door is invaluable if you store valuable items such as classic cars and antiques.


Minimizes outdoor noises.


Sound deadening is essential if you live near a busy street or a busy intersection. For people who spend a lot of time in the garage, insulation will help reduce the noise coming from the outside. If you have an attached garage, insulating your garage door will even minimize the outdoor noises entering your main living space.


What is the best type of insulation?


Garage door insulation is available in many different styles to suit any application. Our technicians can show you which of the following types of insulation would be ideal for your home.


Batt insulation: Batt is an insulation material made of paper and foil attached to fiberglass. It does a great job of preventing air and moisture from entering the garage.


Reflective insulation: In case your garage is susceptible to getting extremely hot during the warm South Florida summer months, one of the best options is reflective insulation. It essentially uses an extremely reflective material like aluminum mixed with polyethylene bubbles to reflect heat away.


Sectional foam boards: These are attached to your garage door using compatible hardware. The sectional foam boards are made from high-quality polystyrene material and offer a high R-value.


Spray foam: This is a great choice to ensure every nook and cranny in the garage is insulated. It’s used by spraying onto the surface, essentially making sure no area is left uncovered.



Garage door Insulation Installation in South Florida


If you’re looking for a reliable garage door insulation company in South Florida, you’re in the right place. Contact the professionals from AttiClean of South Florida to schedule an insulation service for your garage door.


We are always happy to address any concerns you might have and provide you with the best possible customer service. Call us today or click the link below for a free insulation estimate.

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