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Garage Door Insulation
services in South Florida

We’re your one stop shop for all your attic air sealing needs. Fill out our form or give us a call today at 954-487-8418 to get a free estimate from our experts. 

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Our technicians are fully certified in insulation installation, cleaning and proofing.

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Garage Door Insulation Services

South Florida, Broward County-based,  AttiClean is a one-stop
shop for all your attic insulation installation needs and air Sealing.

Were you aware that you can save a tremendous amount of energy throughout your home by adding garage door insulation? Getting insulation installed is important if you want to maximize energy efficiency as it can help throughout the year whether it's hot or cold outside. This is especially true if you are utilizing your garage as an extension of your living space.


Wondering why it's worth doing?


- Maximize Energy Efficiency


With energy costs only increasing, making your home more energy efficient can end up saving you a lot of money. It's one of the best returns on investment you can have for your home. There are plenty of ways to add more insulation to your home to make it increasingly energy efficient. A big one that a lot of homeowners instantly go for is attic insulation. After all, heat rises and if your attic is allowing air to escape, it's going to decrease the overall efficiency of your home's heating. This can cause your bills to skyrocket. However, it's not just your attic that you have to worry about. It's also your garage door. When you insulate your garage, it's going to keep a lot of the hot air or cold air out of your garage. Unfortunately, garage doors aren't designed or built to be inherently insulated. The majority of garages have gaps in them. While you may have thought that you had to live with them, it's easy to add insulative properties to solve this issue.


- Enhance The Durability Of Your Garage


Garage doors take a beating. You need to use it day in and day out to get into your home. Typically, your garage door won't be very durable at all. Usually, a garage door is made out of a thinner sheet of aluminum or steel. Thus, they can experience a lot of dents and other normal wear and tear. Insulation is something that can help to enhance the durability of your door. It's also going to decrease the wear and tear that exposure to extreme temperatures can cause. There are several types of insulation that can be applied to garage doors which will enhance their durability and make them longer lasting.


- You Increase Your Property's Value


Making your home more energy efficient is always a plus. After all, it's going to save you money on utility costs. However, it also adds more value to your property. Not only do you add more value by making your property more marketable, but it's also a good way to enhance your property in a way that appeals to a prospective buyer. A prospective buyer will appreciate that you have an insulated garage door because it is a quality-of-life improvement. It helps protect cars from extreme temperatures, helps reduce noise, and increases the overall energy efficiency of both your garage and your entire home.

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Garage Door Insulation

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South Florida, Broward County-based,  AttiClean is a one-stop
shop for all your attic insulation installation needs and air Sealing.
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AttiClean of South Florida offers a variety of professional attic and crawl space services. They are experts when it comes to attic cleaning services, insulation removal, rodent prevention, insulation installation and replacement, and attic sanitation. 

AttiClean provides services across South Florida and only uses highly experienced and trained technicians. They are focused on helping their clients achieve healthy and safe living environments. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. 


Energy Efficiency

The correct insulation will promote temperature control inside your home. It stops heat from escaping through floors, ceilings, and walls, keeping warmth inside during the cold months. It also stops heat from the outside from getting inside your home during the summer months, while keeping cooled air in.


Attic Insulation

The team of expert technicians at AttiClean use energy-efficient, affordable, and advanced solutions for installing or removing attic insulation.


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Attic Cleanup

Attic cleanup services involve collecting debris and dust inside your attic and safely disposing of it. Dust and debris removal is one of the best ways to improve the air quality inside your home.



Rodent Proofing

AttiClean provides efficient solutions to stop animals like mice, rats, and any other small creature from entering your home through cracks and small gaps around your home.



Attic Sanitation & Decontamination

Crawl spaces and attics are known for collecting dust, debris, germs, and dangerous bacteria. The professional technicians are experienced and skilled in eliminating diseases and infestations with sanitation and decontamination methods to ensure your household is secure and safe.

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Air Sealing Service

Holes in ceilings or windows and doors that are in poor condition or no longer close properly can result in air leaks. This often results in the loss of cooled or heated air that decreases energy efficiency in homes. AtticClean provides professional air-sealing services to prevent any air leaks in your home.

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