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Air Duct Repair South Florida

Updated: May 29

Enlist Expert Air Ductwork Repair Services in South Florida


Florida is well-known for its searing hot and humid temperatures during the summer. Most residents in South Florida often opt to remain indoors, as they depend on their air conditioning to offset the scorching heat. Still, getting the desired level of comfort may be daunting for some, necessitating the need for air duct repairs and maintenance. As most people are more concerned with the main HVAC unit, it's easy to overlook your ducts. This component plays an integral part in cooling and air heating systems. When your duct network is experiencing some issues, even having the top HVAC unit won't keep your South Florida house comfortable.


Dysfunctional Ducts Damage HVAC Units


Look at your AC, furnace, and heat pump as the beating hearing of your HVAC unit. Now imagine the duct system as the circulatory system. Similarly, to arteries and veins, ducts get clogged. Debris, toxins, and dirt can accumulate there and prevent airflow. Poor airflow will cause the blower motor to operate harder than it should, and that puts a strain on the whole system. Also, inhibited airflow stifles the compressor. Fitting a new cooling and heating system without configuring the ducts can see you replace the entire equipment.


Dirty Ducts Affect Indoor Air Quality



Ducts generally have a dark environment that may attract unwelcome elements. Ducts can act as a depository for dust mites, bacteria, viruses, dander, insects, rodents, dirt, pollen, and pet fur. The composites of your ducts simply don’t remain there; they form part of the airflow permeating your house whenever the fan is turned on. These airborne contaminants can make you fall ill. Breathing some of these toxins can cause:


•              Dizziness and headaches


•              Nausea


•              Scratchy throat


•              Burning watery eyes


•              Sinus infections


•              Congestion


•              Dry skin and rashes

•              Respiratory complications


•              Fatigue



Undersized and Leaky Ducts Raise Utility Costs


Ducts tend to develop leaks as time lapses. Cooled or heated air forced out of the unit can escape through duct leaks. To recover the loss, the cooling or heating unit works overtime, which subsequently increases the utility bills. The additional strain on your AC unit minimizes the performance of the equipment considerably, which will make your South Florida less comfy. The duct repair services offered by AttiClean include closing the leaks to ensure pollutants are kept, increasing comfort levels and lowering utility bills.



Air Duct Repair & Duct Services


Leaky air ducts are likely affecting your indoor air quality, negatively affecting your comfort, and end up costing you money. In fact, the Florida Solar Energy Research Center reported that leaky ducts are the main source of energy waste in Florida houses, with seven out of ten residences sacrificing an estimated twenty percent of conditioned air. Even minor cracks, holes, or problems with seams present significant safety and health risks. When you enlist AttiClean technicians from South Florida, you can be assured of an affordable, prompt, and conscientious service.



Some of the signs a property should watch out for to determine whether their duct needs repairs include the following:


•              Insufficient Cooling


•              Visibly Damaged Ductwork


•              Sluggish Airflow


•              Musty, Unpleasant Odors


•              Odd Loud Performance



Some of the advantages of air duct repair include:



Efficiency: Having your air ducts repaired by professionals ensures your AC unit operates at maximum efficiency, which prolongs its shelf-life and reduces unnecessary energy costs.



Improved Air Quality: Air ducts tend to accumulate allergens and other hazardous materials, including dust, mold, and pieces of insulation. When an expert seals the ducts, it minimizes pollutants from setting up a home in your ducts and affecting air flow through your business and home.



Comfort: When different rooms in your home have varying temperatures, it is an indication that you are dealing with a poor duct unit. Loose joints, leaks and holes can cause 20% of the air in your AC unit to get lost. By having your ducts repaired and maintained regularly, you can guarantee comfort inside your home.



Call Now For Expert Ductwork Repair And Maintenance




The highly trained, licensed, and insured technicians at AttiClean use state-of-the-art technology to correctly examine and diagnose your duct unit. You can expect our team to operate with the utmost professionalism and leave your home with no damage, mess, or disruption to your daily routine. Our vast experience has enabled us to be a first-hand witness to the ramifications of neglected air ducts. Airborne contaminants, unpleasant odors, excess humidity, carbon monoxide gas, temperature fluctuation, and rooms getting a bit overheated or chilly are some of the issues that can be blamed on the duct system.  

Contact us today at (954) 866-8223 to get a FREE estimate.

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