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Frequently Asked Questions About Attic Insulation Services in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions by Consumers About Attic Insulation Services In Florida

Attic insulation services in Florida can help keep rodents out of crawl spaces, improve the energy efficiency of a home, and most importantly, add value to a property. For many homeowners, attic insulation may seem an unnecessary investment, but Florida residents can enjoy a great number of benefits. The following frequently asked questions compiled by AttiClean can help residents make informed decisions about the insulation in their homes!

1. How much money can homeowners save insulating their attics?

There's no hard or fast rule that can easily determine the amount of money homeowners can save with attic insulation, but it's projected to be high. Insulating an attic helps increase energy efficiency inside of a home and stops air leakage, both of which significantly impact savings on utility bills. What's more, overall savings are directly impacted by the size of the property and the age of the home.

2. How does attic insulation work?

Insulation can work by resisting the flow of heat. This means that heat is constantly looking for a cooler area in a home, and that means it's flowing outward in the winter and inward in the summer. Installed attic insulation can help control as well as slow down the amount of flow which translates to better regulated indoor temperatures. To conserve energy, attic insulation is one of the most affordable, reputable, and cost-effective options.

3. How can a homeowner say that services are trustworthy?

Apart from having a professional online presence and solid online reviews, homeowners will find that reputable insulation installers also offer free pricing estimates, detailed information about the services themselves, and have years of experience operating in the industry. It's also crucial that the company has a good reputation overall and only employs professional technicians that have passed the necessary background checks.

4. How much insulation is necessary to use during installation?

There are a wide range of factors that directly impact and determine the amount of recommended insulation installation in a home's attic. Usually, the older a home, the more patching and insulation it will require. Additionally, warmer climates require lower R-value insulation, which basically is the measurement of the insulation's ability to resist heat flow.

5. Does attic insulation installation provide a good return on investment?

A 2016 issue of Remodeler Magazine published its findings that attic insulation can increase a home's actual market value by up to 117%. This study was performed on fiberglass insulation, and ultimately, it doesn't even consider that Florida residents also stand to gain a great deal of savings by improving the energy efficiency in their homes.

6. Can insulation in an attic help reduce sound?

Insulation also receives a rating based on their sound reduction and noise interference properties. For example, fiberglass offers better sound dampening properties than spray foam insulation, although spray foam is still rated high.

7. How long does it take to install attic insulation?

Once the proper appointment has been scheduled for the installation services, in most instances, it can be carried out in as little as 1 to 2 days. Usually, the first day is for removal services and the second day is for the actual installation of the insulation.

8. Do homeowners have to vacate their home when attic insulation is being installed?

In most instances, the choice is entirely at the discretion of homeowners. During the removal and cleanup process, it can get somewhat noisy in the home, therefore, some homeowners may prefer not to be present during the process. However, sanitizing and installing the insulation itself is fairly quiet, therefore, homeowners can simply choose to remain indoors.

9. Are pricing estimates accurate?

Though free pricing estimates aren't set in stone, they can provide homeowners with a realistic grasp of how much these services cost in Florida. Our years of experience AttiClean has also translated to better pricing accuracy as long as the form on the website is properly filled out.

10. Will attic insulation also prevent rodents from entering the home?

This is a commonly asked question by homeowners, but AttiClean also offers the advantages of rodent proofing an attic or crawlspace. This means properly filling in any cracks or gaps where mice, rats or squirrels may enter a home.

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