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Air Sealing Service in South Florida

The Most Reliable Air Sealing Service in South Florida

Air infiltration through cracks and openings on the walls and ceilings may result in poor indoor air quality, reduced durability of your house, and high heating and cooling cost. AttiClean recommends that you opt for an air sealing service to prevent these areas from resulting in the above consequences.

Air sealing is the best technique to eliminate airflow between the attic and your living space. It not only improves your home's air quality but also increases insulation. Sometimes you may notice your heating and cooling systems consuming more energy than usual. Our experience says that in most cases, the culprit turns out to be the cracks and gaps in the attic. We can eliminate that problem on your behalf.

Common spots for air leakage

Our years of experience in this field help us shortlist some of the most common spots for air leakages in homes in South Florida. We request you to check the following areas once before calling us. This will help us investigate in the right places and find a solution to the problem immediately.

  1. Dropped ceilings

  2. Piping or duct shafts

  3. Attic, including access point connecting the attic to the rest of the home

  4. Chimney and flue area

  5. Windows and doors

  6. Recessed lighting areas

  7. Wall separating two attached living spaces

  8. Section of the roof covering the lanai or patio

  9. Section of the exterior wall where the staircase framing meets the wall

We find that the areas around the doors and windows create the maximum problems. They allow air inside your home. Old doors and windows make rattling noises when heavy winds blow. These are indications that you need an air sealing service to close the gaps and cracks that these doors and windows have.

How we work

Air sealing involves a three-fold process. We start by inspecting your house, seal the leaks, and inspect again. Here's the step by step process of how we work:

  1. Inspecting for air leaks We consider this as the most important stage of our air sealing process. Unless we find all the leaks, our high-quality sealing tactics may not prove to be efficient. The attic, doors, and windows are some of the most common areas containing cracks, chips, and gaps. Even the smallest cracks can lead to various problems, such as: Excessive wear and tear of your furniture and fixtures if moisture from the outside enters your home. It will rot wooden furniture and may also lead to the growth of mold or mildew. a) Dust and allergens can come in easily, contributing to respiratory issues and allergies. b) The attic can become a breeding ground for pests, such as termites, roaches, ants, and other bugs. They can enter through small openings and cause significant damage to your appliances and fixtures. c) Our inspection team scans your house thoroughly to find these openings. It allows them to plan the air sealing steps accordingly.

  2. Air sealing your home Once we finish inspecting, it's time to air seal the cracks and gaps. We start by caulk and seal the air leaks caused due to electrical wiring, ducting, or plumbing. Some of the areas where we notice these problems are ceilings, soffits over cabinets, and walls. We use foam sealant to seal those gaps. Apart from air sealing your home, we also offer valuable suggestions to prevent air from leaking into your house. For example, you should cover your kitchen's exhaust fan when not in use to stop air leaks. Our experts will also inform you how to maintain the sealed areas so that you don't have to call us soon.

  3. Inspecting for further leaks We offer a second round of inspection once we finish air sealing the gaps and openings. This is to make sure that we don't leave your house without completing our job. We don't want to tamper with our reputation by overlooking a couple of cracks. A thorough inspection helps us confirm that we sealed all the possible areas. If you want to hire us to air seal your home's cracks in South Florida, call us at 954-866-8223 today or fill out our contact form to get a free quotation.

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