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Why Attic Sanitation Cleaning is so important?

Why Attic Sanitation Cleaning Is So Important for Homeowners

In many houses, the attic exists in a state of out of sight, out of mind. Few households carry out attic cleaning on a regular cycle to ensure it stays a clean and safe space. However, a lack of cleaning can harm your pocket and health.

A mold or pest infestation has the potential to pollute your indoor air, increasing the risk of household members suffering from allergies and other ailments. In the same vein, neglecting your attic also means that roof and insulation damage goes unnoticed for longer, exacerbating the damage. Such a situation leads to higher repair costs in the long run and increases your energy costs in the short term.

Your attic is not just good for running wires and conduits and storing extra items you no longer actively use. It is part and parcel of your home, and ideally, it should be treated as such when it comes to cleaning.

What Is Attic Cleanup and Decontamination?

As the name suggests, attic cleaning and decontamination refers to cleaning services that focus on the attic. In most cases, attic cleaning involves a collection of different services, including:

- Removal of debris, junk, and other stored items

- Cleaning dust, dirt, and odors,

- Getting rid of mold,

- Health inspection and remediation of any contamination,

- Rodent inspection and removal,

- Identifying roof leaks and insulation damage, and

- Repair and replacement of the insulation.

As you can appreciate, attic cleaning involves cleaning the space comprehensively and carrying out some minor repairs.

Core Benefits of Attic Cleaning

#1. Get Rid Of Cracks And Holes – Naturally, the wear and tear your roof and attic are exposed to will result in a cracked roof and holes in the attic corners and walls. While the cracks and holes might be small during their onset, they enlarge over time, allowing water to sip unnoticed. Subsequently, water causes wood damage and rot, compromising the structural integrity of your attic and overall home.

Additionally, the cracks and holes make it impossible to achieve efficient insulation. You’ll dig deeper into your pocket to warm up your home.

#2. Get Rid And Prevent Of Mold – A leaky roof that goes unnoticed will allow water to accumulate in the attic, creating the perfect conditions for mold to thrive. Additionally, when mold damage goes unnoticed, it only worsens over time, making it difficult and expensive to remediate. Mold also affects the quality of your indoor air.

#3. Improve The Quality Of Indoor Air – An uncleaned attic is filled with dirt, dust, and allergens such as mold spores, pests, droppings, and other contaminants. All of these contaminants negatively impact the quality of air, which in turn exposes the occupants of the house to health complications.

In some homes, the attic might also have asbestos insulation, which exposes the household to cancer, especially when it disintegrates.

#4. Rodent Infestation – Rodent infestation can occur unnoticed and proliferate quickly. The warm, shelter and unattended space that is the attic is the perfect habitat for rats and other critters to thrive without you noticing. In most cases, you’ll notice the infestation when they leave droppings in your living areas.

It is essential to note that a rodent infestation will most likely increase the health risks of your family by exposing everyone to:

• Lassa Fever

• Lymphocytic Chorion-meningitis

• Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

• Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever

• Plague

• Bite Fever from rats

• Tularemia

Attic cleaning, especially when scheduled regularly, helps remediate rodent infestations and prevent one from occurring in the future.

#5. Replace Contaminated Functioning or Damaged Insulation – As part of the attic cleaning service, professional cleaners will inspect the entire insulation system for damage, cracks, and contamination. Importantly, they’ll also repair and replace any damaged section, ensuring your attic and, by extension, your home is well insulated.

Why You Should Get Professional Attic Cleaning

While attempting a DIY attic cleaning is better than neglecting the space, there are good reasons you should contract professionals to clean your attic, especially if you want to accrue all the benefits of regularly cleaning your attic.

Professional attic cleaners are experienced, equipped, and trained to clean the attic and inspect for damage while prioritizing safety. Attics are often difficult to access, move items around, and clean thoroughly. However, professional attic cleaners have ample know-how and experience to deal with any situation. They also come with specialized safety and cleaning equipment, which most homeowners will not have in their toolboxes.

Trust our professional attic cleaner to get your attic in tip-top condition.

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