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Top Signs That Your Attic Needs Cleaning

Signs That Your Attic Requires Cleaning

Owning a home is a big deal. Considering maintaining mace with household chores, finishing DIY tasks, and assuring that the home’s exterior is maintained; it comes as no surprise that attic cleaning has come into the fold as a viable and feasible option.

It may be easy postponing an attic clean-up job, however, as with other maintenance jobs in your household, you won’t put off the attic maintenance for long. So, how will you know that it’s time to clean up your attic? In this read, we will be looking at the various signs that necessitate attic cleanup.

Unpleasant Smells

Bad smells are especially difficult to ignore, particularly where you lay your head. If you somehow manage to remove the awful stench with the numerous air fresheners available – chances are that the unpleasant odor is emanating from the attic.

When trying to figure out the source of the bad odor, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the attic hatch. Sadly, there are a lot of likely sources of the stench:

-Mold and mildew

-Pest carcasses, droppings, or rotting food

-Wet insulation

-Water damage resulting from a wall leak or a roof

-Exterior plant infiltration

-Decomposition of attic storage

The sad news is that a smelly attic will be evident – if by chance you can’t seem to get rid of an unpleasant recurrent smell in your household, then it's high time to check your attic for likely perpetrators. Chances are that you will completely ignore getting rid of the entire insulation or won’t prepare the proper measures to remove water damage, pests, plants, or any unpleasant things.

While you await the attic cleanup job in your attic, or as you await your next cleanup job to arrive, you can try other measures of dispersing the bad odor by raising the ventilation in your attic using a portable fan to increase the airflow and minimize the unpleasant odors temporarily.

Increased Utility Bills

After noticing the bad smells emanating from your place, chances are that your attic has an issue. Most homeowners have a high and constant utility bill that changes ever so lightly. The moment you begin seeing an increase in your utility bill that doesn’t change, then you should know that you’re in danger. As in that, your cooling and heating unit will be working over working hours through the hot humid summers and cold winter months.

Among the reasons that contribute could be the clogging of the filter or the case blocking or a faulty filter. When the filter is defective, most likely due to dust, the AC accrues all that dust and causes all the air vents to clog resulting in the air conditioning overworking and utilizing more energy. Also, other than switching the filters and cleansing the ducts, you will have to clean out your air ducts using a new vacuum cleaner or duster.

Mold and Mildew

There are so many ways that moisture or water may enter your premises. Water can get through the holes and cracks of your house and result in mildew and mold growth. These organisms will only break down the organic materials that constitute the structure of your house, and at the same time negatively affect your home's indoor air quality.

Mildew and mold are particularly dangerous to persons suffering from allergies or asthma. Finally, mold spores that get transmitted via the air can make all your precious things stored in the attic contaminated.

If you notice that your attic has mildew or mold growth, enlisting an expert attic cleaning service provider can help resolve your issues.

Health Problems

Conventionally, things such as asthma and color were mostly known to arise from external factors. These days, the household is the main culprit when it comes to health problems that include bronchitis, asthma, and even cancer. If you begin exhibiting abnormal health complications such as dizziness, teary eyes, wheezing, asthma, and sneezing, it’s more likely that there’s an indoor air quality issue. If you undertake the clean-up initiative of the, the in-house indoor quality is sure to improve.

There is a wide selection of aspects you must fulfill before you ensure that your attic is clean. Please reach out to AttiClean today for all your needs!

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