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The Importance of Attic Insulation in Florida Homes

The Importance of Installing Attic Insulation In Florida Homes

The average home in Florida loses 40% of its energy efficiency through the attic every month. This doesn't just translate to higher temperatures inside of the home, but skyrocketing energy bills as well. Attic insulation services offered by AttiClean can help homeowners get a fantastic return on their investment while also improving the sustainability of their homes. Insulation in Florida homes can offer a wide range of appealing benefits, such as:

*Attic insulation all starts with helping eliminate specific hot or cold spots within a home. Insulation is like adding a blanket to the top of the house in an effort to control uneven or fluctuating indoor temperatures. As Florida summers are hot and humid, working with the right company to have attic insulation installed can help eliminate this major problem.

*The right type of insulation for an indoor environment can also help eliminate the wear and tear an air conditioning unit may experience over time. Having a properly insulated attic allows the AC to run less and not work as hard, giving it a much longer lifespan before breaking down or requiring costly maintenance. Basic maintenance will always remain necessary to ensure an adequately functioning AC system, but the work carried out to ensure the unit is in tip-top shape will actually last longer thanks to the right insulation.

*Though installing insulation is an upfront investment on the part of homeowners, it's worth noting that it directly translates to proper energy savings virtually right away. The steady temperatures that occur within a home as a result can help increase efficiency even in an old building. In fact, it has been proven time and again that attic insulation ends up paying for itself through the savings enjoyed by homeowners.

*Fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are yet another significant added benefit of professionally installed attic insulation. Insulation reduces GHG emissions significantly and allows homeowners to remain more environmentally conscious. These advantages are also impacted by the R-value of the insulation being installed. As such, the higher the R-value, the more protection that the insulation can directly offer. For southern Florida residents, a lower R-value is acceptable simply because of the climate.

*For homeowners looking to sell their properties soon, it makes sense to invest in insulation. Potential homebuyers are looking at the energy efficiency of a property more than ever before, and that translates to additional savings. Homebuyers understand that having a properly insulated home allows an AC system to function better, work faster, and to provide cool indoor temperatures with ease during summertime.

*One of the most overlooked advantages of choosing attic insulation is the direct ability to block unwanted pests from entering a home. For example, when hiring a reputable company such as AttiClean, a homeowner can ensure that the attic is first properly cleaned of any debris and all potential rodent entries are sealed off. Once the insulation is actually installed, it allows the proper protection of the home against the elements and pests. Seeing as all entrances, no matter the size, are properly sealed off, mice, rats or squirrels entering a home are a thing of the past.

Homeowners are often on the fence about spending additional funding on their attic spaces, but insulation is both affordable and useful for enhancing the quality of the air indoors. For those suffering from significant respiratory issues such as asthma or COPD along with seasonal allergies, insulation is the perfect way to combat and counteract the problem. Professionally installed insulation has the ability to trap and prevent allergens as well as common pollutants from being introduced into indoor air.

Florida residents should act quickly when they want to maximize energy efficiency within their homes, protect against seasonal allergies, or simply wish to update their residences. Attic insulation is a great way to make the most of an older home while bringing it up to modern standards. As previously noted, these efforts will never go unnoticed by potential homebuyers and when making the investment, homeowners can receive fantastic returns.

AttiClean has been serving Florida residents successfully for many years. Each client's needs are carefully assessed and discussed to find the best course of action for their personal requirements. Interested in attic insulation? AttiClean is proud to provide free pricing estimates for anyone willing to fill out a few simple questions!

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