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Garage Door Insulation Fort Lauderdale

Updated: May 1

How Do Garage Door Insulation Fort Lauderdale Services Increase Property Values?

Homeowners often treat their garage spaces as a separate entity from their homes. Though window-less and often disconnected from the main property structure, many wrongly assume that it bears no consequence on the energy efficiency of a property. Even if a garage door spends most of the day in a closed position, extreme heat and cold can still make their way inside of a garage. Most importantly, these strongly fluctuating temperatures will also impact the temperatures directly inside of a home.

Even if a property is completely insulated, not having a properly insulated garage door can have dire effects on efficiency. Having a well-insulated garage door prevents the HVAC system from working overtime while also ensuring that the home's perceived value increases when listed for sale.

Of course, saving on heating and cooling costs is the most obvious reason that garage door insulation Fort Lauderdale adds value to a home. However, the perception of a home's value runs deeper than that, and by investing in AttiClean's garage door insulation services, homeowners can add additional value to their homes by:

*Enhancing durability- Insulated garage doors have added stability, which makes them more durable and reliable for long-term use. The insulation works as a buffer zone not only against the elements, but against rodents and prying eyes. Garage doors with stable insulation will often withstand wear and tear significantly better than those that don't while also becoming less prone to damage that includes dents, scrapes, and bumps.

*Quieter environment- The right insulation also offers sound dampening qualities. Insulation also can add bulk to a garage door which ensures a quieter operation when used regularly. As lightweight garage doors tend to make a great deal of sound when opened and closed, insulation helps dampen this sound and make the garage a more "zen-like" space. This is especially worth additional consideration if the garage is directly joined to the main residence. Family members will appreciate not having to wake up early due to the sound of a garage door opening and closing every morning.

*Better elemental protection- As most homeowners use their garage as storage space, this means subjecting their belongings to extreme fluctuating outdoor temperatures. Whether cold or hot, items placed outside can easily suffer from direct exposure to these undesirable elements. Having an adequately insulated garage door will help protect belongings from extreme temperature fluctuations and offer homeowners a peace of mind when storing belongings outside.

*A comfortable environment- Going outside into the garage when it's very hot or cold outside is unpleasant and detrimental to a person's health. The boiling heat can make a garage feel unbearable to the point where a homeowner considers parking their vehicle outdoors instead. Whether used only for storage purposes or more meaningful activities, an insulated garage door yields numerous advantages. It can make the garage a comfortable year-round indoor environment where members of the family can congregate and work on different projects or activities.

There are two options when it comes to getting an insulated garage door. The first option is costly and not the most environmentally friendly approach as it requires the installation of a brand new garage door with the insulation built inside. The second option is better and more affordable! Homeowners find that hiring services by AttiClean is a sufficient way to insulate their existing garage doors without waste becoming a real problem. Though some may argue that a modern insulated garage door is better, opting to insulate an existing garage door still adds plenty of perceivable value to a home.

What is the ROI when insulating a garage door? Unfortunately, it's hard to say because there's no set of calculations one can employ to answer this question. Though the number one value is always in the form of decreasing energy bills, the real return on the investment itself comes when it's time to sell a home. Homes with a renovated garage that has enhanced efficiency tend to sell better and faster than those that don't. Modern homebuyers want upgraded garages with fantastic curb appeal. By investing in garage door insulation Fort Lauderdale services, homeowners can enhance value and make their properties more desirable in a competitive market.

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