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Garage Door Insulation Florida

All About Garage Door Insulation Florida

If you are wondering why you should insulate the garage door in your Florida home, you have come to the right place. Garage door insulation Florida is the latest trend to minimize energy loss and provide a number of other benefits. In fact, an insulated door uses insulation inside the structure of the door as a buffer between indoor and outdoor temperatures. When the garage door is insulated, the temperature inside your home isn't affected by the temperature outside. It helps keep your loved ones comfortable during the cold weather months and saves money on heating bills. Here are some of the many advantages of insulating the garage door in your Florida home:

Most energy-saving tips focus on the inside of your house. But they overlook the garage, which is an important entry point into your home. In fact, many garages have doors that directly connect with the house as well as conditioned rooms above them. In the past, garages weren't considered part of your home. Hence, more gaps and air leakages were allowed in the garage - mostly through the garage door. That's why garages were some of the least energy-efficient parts of a house. But things have changed today. Insulated garage doors are becoming a trend in Florida. It helps save energy by moderating the temperature inside the garage. That way you will be reducing the amount of energy required to heat the rest of your home and saving money in the process.

Insulated garage doors are more durable. They are constructed differently from uninsulated or single-layered garage doors. They are much stronger and more durable compared to uninsulated garage doors. In fact, insulated garage doors can easily stand up to cars, kids, and equipment. Insulated garage doors are made from aluminum or steel frames. They are then filled with solid-core insulation, which is sandwiched between single or dual steel panels. These doors are lightweight but stronger than uninsulated doors. Added durability helps increase the lifespan of your garage door. You will save money from reduced heating bills and won't need to replace the garage door for many years to come.

An insulated garage door tends to be quieter than an uninsulated door. It's an added benefit of installing an insulated garage door in your Florida home. Many garage doors produce some kind of noise. The garage door track mechanism is the primary offender in older garage doors. In fact, loose chains on the garage door track tend to produce a loud noise at times. On the other hand, worn rollers can also squeak or grumble at times. If your garage door is producing such noises, you should check these parts and consider lubricating them. Insulated garage doors are more tightly constructed than uninsulated doors. Hence, they tend to have less noise.

Garage door insulation helps protect your vehicle and belongings over time. A car stored in a garage with an insulated garage door is less likely to encounter freezing conditions. In fact, freezing weather can affect your vehicle in many ways. Hence, an insulated garage door can add years to your car by preventing the following problems:

. Shorter battery life and dead battery issues

. Low air pressure in the tires of your vehicle

. Thickened fluids including brake, coolant, and transmission fluids

. Unreliable spark plugs due to colder weather

Insulating the garage door in your Florida home can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and belongings in the garage.

A warmer garage is more convenient for the entire family. In fact, homeowners use their garages for more than just parking their cars. If you are using the garage for hobbies or working out in the garage, installing an energy-efficient garage door is a great solution. Keeping the garage warmer tends to make it easier for you to perform occasional activities in it. An insulated door is the best way to enhance the comfort levels in your garage.

Choosing a reliable garage door insulation service in Florida isn't easy. There are many factors to consider when doing so. AttiClean of South Florida is your trusted partner in the region for all garage door insulation needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Call AttiClean right now to insulate your garage door.

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