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Attic Sanitation Services Near Me

Attic Sanitation Services Near Me Help with Rodent Problems!

Attics and crawl spaces by nature are prone to developing rodent infestations due to their small and tight dark corners. In fact, many homes have mice or rats in the attic, but as very few homeowners disturb them for long periods of time, they nest and build a colony there. After hiring rodent removal services, it's important to consider that the area now needs proper sanitation and decontamination services. Even if the attic may seem okay at first glance, the problem is that many allergens and pathogens are now present in the air.

AttiClean offers timely and reliable attic sanitation services that can help homeowners with a peace of mind in knowing that their homes are once again safe. The mess and the potential illnesses left behind by rodent infestation should never get tackled by overeager homeowners. Even if cleaning may seem straightforward, it actually requires a great deal of expertise, experience, and of course, the necessary tools to eliminate health hazards.

In fact, what many ignore is that rats and mice are both responsible for leaving behind a number of harmful contaminants. From the feces and urine to potential blood and hair left behind by these pests, it's important to ensure that every aspect of the infestation is adequately cleaned up. Not only do these materials need careful and protected removal using masks as well as personal protective equipment, but the potential for unleashing the hantavirus is ever-present in these situations.

Sanitation along with decontamination services can help homeowners reclaim their attic or crawl space areas without worrying about the outcome of the infestation. Using the latest technology and the proper protective equipment, technicians can remove contaminants while also cleaning up potential bacteria, viruses, fungi or mold growth left behind. Additionally, professional treatment can also help remove lingering odors that may have been left as a result of the rodents remaining in the attic.

Sanitation services for attic cleanups require several steps to ensure proper decontamination:

Step 1- The first step is to head over to the AttiClean website and request a free quote. This helps ensure that homeowners understand the upfront costs of sanitation services without any surprises.

Step 2- Usually, a technician will get in touch with a homeowner and get a good look at the affected areas that need proper sanitation. This may mean walking through the home and taking note of walkways and pathways that lead to an attic or crawl space region.

Step 3- To properly sanitize the attic, the insulation is removed. Usually, this is done either by hand or an insulation-removal vacuum that helps speed up the process.

Step 4- Once the insulation is properly removed, or if there was never any in the first place, technicians will vacuum the floor of the attic using an industrial-strength cleaner.

Step 5- Once the preliminary cleaning steps are carried out, technicians can get to the process of properly sanitizing the attic. This involves using a fogger that has safe sanitizing agents inside that are properly spread throughout the area.

Step 6- Once the attic has been properly cleaned and sanitized, it's now time to clear away any messes left behind by the technicians. AttiClean contractors will ensure that the attic looks spotless as if they were never there in the first place! This involves the proper removal and disposal of any trash or one-time use products.

Step 7- The last step is for the technicians to do a quick walkthrough and ensure that everything was properly cleaned and sanitized during the procedure. The lead tech will also double check to ensure that no damage was caused to the property during sanitation.

Having a professionally cleaned and sanitized attic ensures that a home is both healthy and free of any potentially harmful contaminants. Much of what causes illnesses and infections isn't visible to the naked eye, but acting quickly when a home has suffered an infestation lessens the changes of toxins spreading throughout the property. AttiClean has been providing professional and reliable services to Florida residents for many years! With a focus on health, safety, and client satisfaction, homeowners can rest assured that their attics are in safe and experienced hands.

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