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Attic Energy Efficiency services in Deerfield beach

AttiClean: Here Is How You Can Optimize Energy Efficiency Throughout Your Deerfield Beach Home

With the continued hike in electricity rates, you may have tried several ways of making your home more energy-efficient such as installing padding along your walls and ceilings, installing energy-efficient windows, or even replacing old appliances with newer Energy Star-certified ones. If you did not see a marked drop in your energy consumption, the problem could be that you took all the right steps towards increasing energy savings in most areas across your home but forgot to do the same in your attic.

The attic is one of the easiest places to forget when implementing energy-saving measures across your home because it is rarely used. In fact, data from Energy Star indicates that 9 out of 10 homes have under-insulated crawl spaces. To optimize the energy savings in your home it is imperative to ensure that there is no loss of heat through the attic during cold seasons as well as excessive heat retention during warm seasons. The key to ensuring that your attic is energy efficient lies in ensuring that it is properly insulated, vented, and sealed.

Installing insulation in your attic usually helps in the retention of heat and energy during the cold season. Insulation usually helps trap warm air in your crawl space while at the same time keeping out cold air from seeping inside your home. If your attic is properly insulated, you will use less energy to warm your home which will mean a reduced monthly power bill. Insulation also helps block out heat transferred through your roof from seeping into your home during the warm season which means less cooling costs.

Another way to make sure that your attic is energy efficient is to ensure that it is properly vented. In the warm season, a lot of hot air can be trapped in the attic creating a super-heated atmosphere. This will mean that you will have to run your AC at full power for longer to keep your home cool. By properly venting your attic, you can ensure proper airflow and increase the energy savings in your home. Before venting your attic, consult attic energy efficiency professionals to understand the best place to install ventilation. With the guidance of experienced experts, you will be able to avoid installing vents in areas that can compromise the integrity of the insulation you have installed in the attic.

You can also improve the energy efficiency of your attic by sealing spaces through which air leakages can occur. If there are passages through which air can leak, the heat from the interior of your home will quickly dissipate to the outside during cold months which will translate to higher heating costs. Sealing pathways through which air can leak will improve the efficacy of your insulation which will, in turn, lead to higher energy savings.

Another area that is often forgotten when the attic is being insulated is the entrance to the crawl space. To ensure optimal energy efficiency in this part of your home, you should also insulate and properly seal the entrance door/panel to your attic.

Lastly, it is important to note that though you can attempt DIY attic insulation, venting, and sealing, it is highly recommended that you leave this job to trained and experienced professionals. Remember that all these processes will only be effective in ensuring energy efficiency when done right. The best way to ensure that your attic insulation is done properly and safely is to rely on professionals who have the requisite training, skills, products, and tools.

If you want to optimize energy efficiency throughout your Deerfield Beach home, contact the seasoned attic energy efficiency experts at AttiClean by visiting

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