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Attic Cleaning Services Near Me

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Why Hire Attic Cleaning Near Me Services

Attic and crawl space areas are most often prone to neglect in a home due to being time-consuming and complicated to clean. Hiring professionals to clean these areas of the home can yield surprising benefits that many homeowners aren't readily aware of. From increased HVAC system efficiency to better indoor air quality, a cleaner attic as well as crawl space can enhance a family's quality of life.

It's worth mentioning that attic cleaning services are important to hire on a regular basis. They help remove toxins and irritants that are often present in the home, but many homeowners aren't aware of. In fact, a 2009 study helped create a direct link between the cleanliness of a home having a direct impact on the health of the residents living inside. The type and quality of air indoors can often induce asthma and other respiratory-related illnesses when crawl spaces and attics become neglected.

Though secondhand smoke, carbon monoxide, and common gasses are seen as the top culprits, irritants such as dust and rodent droppings follow as a close second. In fact, studies have shown that over 80% of homes have either dust mite or rodent allergens present in commonly used areas. As such, the only way to eliminate these allergens is through professional attic cleaning services. Technicians can adequately remove toxins and irritants that are regularly introduced to the home while having a cleaner crawlspace can also eliminate the potential for causing other health hazards.

Another common problem that many homeowners regularly overlook is the potential for insulation damage within their attics. Usually, such damage becomes the result of rodent infestations or many years of neglect, but in either case, it diminishes the effectiveness of the insulation that helps regulate indoor temperatures. The right attic insulation can help keep a cool home in the summer while allowing warmth to flow through in the winter months. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen when the insulation is unclean or damaged in some way.

Compromised insulation is unable to assist with heat transfer and causes an HVAC system to work extra hard when in use. This not only makes indoor temperatures harder to control, but it shortens the lifespan of the HVAC system. Calling reliable services such as AttiClean is a great way to prolong the life of an HVAC system while also ensuring that the home is both free of toxins and irritants as well as being adequately protected against unwanted pests.

Lastly, it's much easier to reduce household maintenance costs using professional attic cleaning services. Rodent infestations are much simpler to spot and control when they're discovered early on before any real damage is incurred. Likewise, having the right cleaning services look inside of an attic can also help pinpoint potential flaws within an HVAC system or duct work that may otherwise have gone unnoticed for extended periods of time. Dealing with potential problems that happen in a home is best when the issues are diagnosed by professionals in the beginning. Though attic cleaning services can help decontaminate a space, they also provide so much more to keep a home's function up and running as intended.

Though many homeowners may automatically assume that attic and crawl space cleaning is something they can tackle themselves, there are many reasons they shouldn't! Professional assistance isn't just affordable, timely, and reliable, but it offers homeowners a peace of mind that the work was properly completed. However, there are other reasons to opt for professional cleaning versus a DIY approach:

*The potential for falling when dealing with tight crawl spaces or attics. Slip and fall accidents can easily put any homeowner in the hospital.

*If any of the materials within an attic contain contaminants, homeowners are easily exposed due to taking matters into their own hands. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, can decontaminate attic spaces while also keeping them free and clear of harmful toxins.

*Rodents also like to chew and destroy wires in attic areas. If this happened, many homeowners wouldn’t be aware of just how dangerous these exposed wires can become. From injury to electrocution, the possibilities are endless.

Professional cleaning services from AttiClean can help Florida residents rest easy knowing their homes are free from known rodents, allergens, and common contaminants. What's more, residents can enjoy getting a free quote for the services so they can budget accordingly!

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